R tutorials for survey data

On the surface, R can be more intimidating for beginners, students and established researchers alike, than most other statistical computing environments.  While frontends like Rcmdr, RKWard, Deducer, RStudio, and Rattle can reduce the learning curve for new users, often times it is at the cost of being able to do the more complex data analyses that R is better suited for than mainstream, proprietary software, including sophisticated survey data analysis.

Thankfully there are a few resources available that can smooth the learning curve for "bare R":

  • Andrew Gelman posted a video last week by Felipe Osorio walking through an analysis of data from the General Social Survey in R.
  • Anthony Damico (whose site I discovered in comments to Gelman's post) has two sites:
    • twotorials.com: brief video tutorials for various aspects of R, starting with installation and working up to more complex topics.
    • asdfree.com: scripts that simplify working with many common public data sets, including survey weights.

Got any other favorites you'd like to share? Take to the comments or the OPOSSEM forums!