OPOSSEM Call for participants

Deadline: May 26, 2010 The OPOSSEM (Online Portal of Social Science Education in Methodology) Project is seeking participants for a collaborative project to develop educational materials for dissemination through the OPOSSEM network. The Project team is interested in recruiting innovative and passionate political scientists with experience in teaching undergraduate research methods to participate in two short workshops this summer. Workshop participants will work together to develop core content (e.g., lecture notes, assignments, and supporting materials) for an undergraduate research methods course to be made available through a Creative Commons license on OPOSSEM. The first workshop will run Wednesday, July 21 (8:30a.m.-5:30p.m) at the University of Iowa, and the second follow-up workshop will be held Wednesday, September 1 (1p.m.-5p.m) in Washington, D.C. Both workshops are one day before the POLMETH and APSA meetings, respectively. Participants should plan to attend both workshops and to work on some site content during the month of August. During the first workshop, participants will develop a core outline for an undergraduate methods course, establish common language, datasets, and approach, and then work in small teams to plan and develop content. In September, the group will reconvene, presenting the completed draft content to the group for collective feedback and identification of future needs. The completed modules should be uploaded to the OPOSSEM site by the end of September. For the July workshop, participants will also be invited to stay in Iowa to attend the Summer Meeting of the Society of Political Methodology (http://www.polisci.uiowa.edu/polmeth/), which will run July 22-24. Participants will receive a $1,000 grant to cover transportation costs, accommodations, and per diem. POLMETH registration will also be covered, which includes most meals during the meeting. To attend the ½ day workshop in Washington, D.C. the day before APSA, participants will receive up to $500 as a travel grant to cover transportation, hotel for 1 night, and per diem ($50). To apply, send the following materials as email attachments to Michelle Dion (dionm@mcmaster.ca) before May 26, 2010: 1. 1 page statement of interest in the project 2. Current CV 3. Syllabus for an undergraduate methods course About OPOSSEM OPOSSEM, the Online Portal of Social Science Education and Methodology, is an online portal to facilitate sharing of various resources for teaching social science research methods (particularly statistical methods) among educators in secondary, undergraduate, and postgraduate settings. Little educational material is freely available to serve the needs of basic research methods courses in the social sciences, particularly political science. The creation of problem sets and lecture notes is time-intensive, and methods courses requiring such preparation are becoming more widespread across all types of institutions. This project seeks to reduce these start-up costs and enhance methods instruction by providing an online space in which instructors can share materials and information. Community members are able to post to the discussion forum, share teaching materials (syllabi, lecture notes, assignments, or working papers on teaching research methods), suggest external resources (online data source, resources for students or instructors, or published research on teaching research methods), or rate community content. The project is supported by an NSF grant and is made possible by development support from the ICPSR and hosting by McMaster University Libraries. The project team includes Bill Anderson of the University of South Dakota (Willian.Anderson@usd.edu), Jan Box-Steffensmeier (steffensmeier.2@polisci.osu.edu) at Ohio State, Michelle Dion at McMaster University (dionm@mcmaster.ca), Bill Jacoby from Michigan State and ICPSR (jacoby@msu.edu), and Phil Schrodt from Penn State (schrodt@psu.edu).

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