I publish my lecture notes on my personal website. Why should I also add them to OPOSSEM?

There are several advantages to adding your instructional materials to OPOSSEM in addition to posting them on your personal website. First, by posting them to OPOSSEM, you make them available to other instructors who are expressly looking for materials like yours. This increases the likelihood that you will have an audience. Second, posting materials to OPOSSEM provides a way for other users to give you feedback on your materials, including corrections, through the comment system. In this way, you harness the power of the community to help improve your materials, which you can edit or revise at any time. Third, by including suggested citations on your instructional materials page, OPOSSEM helps remind users that they should cite your work in their own instructional materials, which they may be less likely to do unless you include such recommendations on your own site. Fourth, by attaching a specific Creative Commons License to your instructional materials through OPOSSEM, you are also licensing the use of your materials in a highly visible manner, which also increases the likelihood that those who consult your materials will adequately cite them in their own instructional materials. Finally, by publishing page views, download counts, and peer ratings of content, OPOSSEM provides third-party confirmation of the extent to which your materials have been accessed and the average ratings provided by users. This information should be useful for documenting your contributions to enhancing methods instruction for promotion purposes, including reputation, as measured by views, downloads, and ratings within the OPOSSEM community.