Discussion guide--quantitative methods and Britsh politics--participation

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Emily Clough, , 2013, "Discussion guide--quantitative methods and Britsh politics--participation", http://opossem.org/content/discussion-guide-quantitative-methods-and-britsh-politics-participation
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This discussion guide highlights quantitative elements in two articles on British political participation.  The discussion guide is organised by level of quantitative understanding, and includes some classroom activities.   It is based on three articles: Matt Henn and Nick Foard. 2012. “Young People, Political Participation and Trust in Britain” Parliamentary Affairs 65: 47-67. Andy Furlong and Fred Cartmel. 2012. “Social Change and Political Engagement Among Young People: Generation and the 2009/2010 British Election Survey”  Parliamentary Affairs 65: 13-28Harold Clarke et al. 2003. “Britain (Not) at the Polls, 2001” PS 36: 59-64. It was written by Emily Clough (Newcastle) Sarah Cohen (Northumbria) and Holly Snaith (Aston).  It was prepared as a part of a workshop funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, grant ES/J01186X/1, PI:  Emily Clough (Newcastle University).  

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