2008 Canadian Election Study Small/Student Version

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Renan Levine, Raza Rizvi, 2012, "2008 Canadian Election Study Small/Student Version", http://opossem.org/content/2008-canadian-election-study-smallstudent-version
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The 2008 Canadian Election Study was led by Elisabeth Gidengil, Joanna Everitt, Patrick Fournier, and Neil Nevitte. The study consisted of three surveys: a pre-election telephone survey (variables with the prefix ‘cps’), a post-election survey (prefix ‘pes’) and a mailback survey (‘mbs’). The data from this study, and other Canadian election surveys are hosted by the Canadian Opinion Research Archive at Queen’s University at  http://www.queensu.ca/cora/ces.html. This  version of the survey contains a selection of 50 variables from the survey and 1,196 observations randomly selected from the sample while maintaining the original percentage of respondents to the study from five provinces and regions (Quebec, Ontario, BC, Atlantic provinces and the prairies (Alberta, Manitoba and Saskachewan). This selection of variables and observations can be used by students using Small STATA and Student SPSS, which limits the total number of variables and/or observations that can be analyzed. The selection of variables (including the modification/creation of a few variables), the sampling observations and the codebook was completed for classroom use by Renan Levine and Raza Rizvi of the University of Toronto – Scarborough. All research should cite the original dataset.

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