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Flipping your class? Embed some assessment in the lectures

Akshat Rathi at Ars Technica reports on a recent study considering how to improve student learning in online lectures:

Karl Szpunar, a cognitive psychologist at Harvard University, might have a rather simple solution to rein in distractions, one that focuses attention in real-world classrooms: intersperse pop quizzes into the online lectures. …

Flip That Classroom!

One of the big buzzwords in higher education these days is the idea of "flipping the classroom" — in part, the idea is to use class time for things that used to be done outside of class (what our generation called "homework assignments") and use technology to deliver traditionally in-class content like core lectures online instead.

Let's say you're already convinced this is a good idea, or (perhaps more likely in some settings) someone with limited instructional responsibilities has decided this is the wave of the future and you've been drafted to come on board.

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