Subscriptions, RSS, and Email Notifications

How can I be notified of new instructional materials or discussions that are in my field of interest?

OPOSSEM mainly accomplishes this using RSS. RSS is a broad application that is used to aggregate content from different web sites. (If you'd like more background information, we have an FAQ on RSS.)

To create your notification, first create a search that matches your interests. Maybe that involves a simple free text search on "market rate surveys" or maybe it's a more complex search of "subsidies" with the addition of a filter by state for "Illinois."

How do I subscribe to RSS?

RSS readers come with the following Web browsers automatically:

  • Internet Explorer 7 (Windows)
  • Firefox (Windows/Mac)
  • Safari (Windows/Mac)

In addition, some readers are available as desktop software that you can download and install on your computer. The reader you choose will have instructions for how to subscribe to RSS feeds.

Other Resources on RSS (links to other sites)


How can I find out about changes to OPOSSEM?

Periodically (about four or five times a year), OPOSSEM editors may post news items to the site about upcoming events or changes on the site. You can visit this page to see what’s happening with the project. Also, if you follow OPOSSEM on Facebookor Twitter, you will see any new news item on those pages. Finally, if you prefer, you can subscribe to the news items by email. 

How do I subscribe to a specific discussion topic to be notified of replies?

If you created the topic and have the “Auto-subscribe” option enabled (link to FAQ), you are automatically subscribed and will receive email notifications if you’ve chosen that option. If you do not have the “Auto-subscribe” option enabled or you want to subscribe to a discussion topic begun by someone else, you may subscribe by visiting the topic page and clicking the “Subscribe” link at the bottom of the original topic post.

How do I subscribe to a discussion forum?

There are two ways to subscribe to a discussion forum. First, you can subscribe via RSS feed using the feed address listed at the bottom of the forum page. For example, the feed address for the undergraduate teaching forum is, which can be found at the bottom of Second, you can have new topics and posts for particular forums sent to you in an email message.

Can OPOSSEM tell me when someone comments on my content?

On pages with discussion topics, instructional materials, and Web links, click on the word “Subscribe” to choose subscription options. You can edit your subscription preferences by visiting your profile page. There, you can choose to be notified by email of updates to those types of content, including your own.

What are RSS feeds?


Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds are free, updated content sent to your computer via the Internet. RSS feeds enable a user to view content from multiple Web sites on one screen, stripped of all site-specific navigation, advertisements, and branding.

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